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San Antonio Stands with Standing Rock: November 2016

As an amateur videographer filming a native American protest of the Trans-Pecos Pipeline in November 20, 2016, which became a segment within "San Antonio Stands with Standing Rock: November 2016", I noticed other folks like myself with video equipment, there for the same purpose: to record the event and take it to the world.

And it occurred to me — I'm just one camera.

Wouldn't it be great if all of us could put our video recordings of the event in one common file folder, we could all access and select and download and include segments of each other's video to make our own video that would tell the story we want to tell? That's what TexasMediaShare.com is.

I established TexasMediaShare.com because everyone I talked to thought it was a good idea. I heard comments such as:
   • Everybody's got a video camera on their smart phone, and everybody loves to use them... but then what do you do with the video?
   • What if I'm capturing video here, but there's another great camera position as the march passes a landmark up ahead of me?
   • What if I could be interviewing a tribal member about the reasons for the march at the same time there's a ceremony that I need to capture, too?
   • Even if I haven't met the other folks using their cameras, it would be great to be able to collaborate and share video.

So let's give it a try.


If you're visiting this site, it's probably because we've met during an event or talked about TexasMediaShare.com, and I gave you the URL to this homepage.

To get started, give me a call. Let's talk over the event, whether it's a future event to be filmed or you're ready to exchange video recorded during a past event.

I'll ask for you to send me an email at pete@texasmediashare.com with your name, cell phone number, email address, and the date and name of the event, just so I firmly have your contact information. I'll create a folder here on the TexasMediaShare.com website, and I'll reply to your email or text with the name of the folder, and give you access to download and upload to the event folder. That means at least two of us will have video recordings we can share.

If we get the least ambitious, we can coordinate shots and locations to be sure we double our perspective of the same event and cover the event more effectively. Add more folks? Sure, more's the merrier. And no harm, no foul: we're just stretching our wings on what seems like a good idea.

A quick word from our collaborator and co-host, NowCastSA.

For those of you who don't know NowCastSA and you're from San Antonio, Texas, you're missing out on a colossal local media resource. Similar to public television and public radio, NOWCastSA is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan online news organization dedicated to sharing the civic heartbeat of San Antonio. You'd benefit by getting to know them.

NowCastSA thought this idea was good enough that they've donated server space to TexasMediaShare.com. And it's very possible that some of your video could go to support a story they're producing. So while we're in it to improve our own videos, it's possible we could collaborate with NowCastSA and get a much wider audience through their established platform.

Rules of the Road

1. I will create a separate folder for each event; contact me (pete@texasmediashare.com or by cell) when you're ready to upload/download video from that event.
2. I will give read/write permissions for that folder to each video contributor. That means you will be able to download and upload all videos in that folder.
3. That also means that others may accidentally erase your video. Backup your video files elsewhere! TexasMediaShare.com is NOT designed to archive or safeguard your work.
4. No one can modify your original video upload as you contributed it. I may rename it for consistency or ease of identification.
5. The website manager assumes no reponsibility for your video, your video's integrity, content, length, or any other aspect of the video which you upload to TexasMediaShare.com.
6. Please be very sparing with the size of the video files you upload. As I'm sure you're aware, video files can be enormous and disk space for TexasMediaShare.com is far from unlimited.
7. I hate to say it, but if I feel it is necessary, I may delete your video from TexasMediaShare.com in the case either I need to manage disk space or I feel the content is inappropriate for this site's purpose. Again, I bear no responsibility for your file; I will not archive and save it for you if I do delete it, although I will certainly attempt to contact you prior to removal in case I feel such action is necessary.
8. I'd like to include some identification information on you in the event folder along with your video content of sufficient length that folks can credit your video in their finished product. We can talk about what this information should be on an individual basis, and even on a per-event basis if we end up working together over several projects.

Now, let's have some fun!

Although my videos are based on issues of social and environmental justice and include political action, feel free to contact me for video swapping events of a different nature. If we have adequate file space, I'll be glad to accomodate videos for whatever events tickle your fancy. Contact me and let's talk!

— Pete Bella in San Antonio, Texas at pbella.satx@gmail.com